How Important Is Upholstery Cleaning?

In the past, we’ve covered how important cleaning your carpet is to maintain the overall cleanliness of your home. Since the carpet is one of the most ubiquitous parts of your home, keeping it regularly cleaned is a matter of common sense. However, another part of maintenance that is sometimes overlooked is the furniture or upholstery in a home, such as the sofas, loveseats, couches and so on. A lot of these items get used just as much as the carpet – if not more! – and over time, wear and tear will cause the same type of damage and air quality issues to your home as carpet would.

First and foremost to consider is dust. It’s everywhere, whether we like it or not, and some areas are simply dustier than others. With that in mind, vacuuming your furniture is important to do regularly, particularly if you own pets as they can shed and cause hair and debris to accumulate faster. In most cases, a normal shop-vac or hand-held unit will do fine, or a hose attachment on a normal vacuum cleaner. If it’s been a while, you may need a higher-powered unit to ensure all of the dust is removed properly.

Another factor to consider would be how often the inhabitants utilize the furniture in question. If you have children, they may place dirty clothes on the furniture when they come home from school. Or, day to day use from people sitting on the couch while they watch TV will gradually leave stains, debris and odor in the fabric of the couches or sofas themselves. The gradual effect can be difficult to notice until the day when you notice that your sofa doesn’t seem to be as clean as it used to be, and by then cleaning can be more difficult than it would’ve originally been. This type of cleaning is more difficult to do, as it requires special solutions and cleaning agents as well as equipment. There are a few homemade options available for lighter cleaning, but for the most part this requires the attention of a dedicated upholstery cleaning service.

For more severe situations that require immediate attention, such as a spill, the first course of action would be to wipe down what you can. Most liquids and foods will soak quickly into the fabric, leaving behind residue and odor even if the majority is wiped down. This type of lingering residue can attract bugs and eventually leave behind spoiled odor or a permanent stain in the furniture. In these cases, do what you can first with the supplies you have on hand and be sure to call a technician promptly, as leaving stains in the fabric too long will almost definitely cause irreversible discoloration.

When it comes to upholstery cleaning, many cleaning services offer combined service that includes carpets and upholstery, so scheduling both is ideal as it can help keep everything up to date. Most companies will offer a regular service with reminders when it’s time for your home to be cleaned. The pricing will be different depending on where you’re located, so always be sure to check around if you suspect the price you’re paying is too high for the service you’re receiving. For more immediate situations, if you have a regular cleaner that you use, calling them out may be the best idea as the staff will be familiar with your furniture and your home. Otherwise, doing a quick bit of research would be in your best interest to prevent any issues from cropping up.

Most cleaning companies will be more than happy to provide references on request as proof of their reputation, usually on sites such as Yelp, Google or Angie’s List. Additionally, when you check a cleaner’s certifications, they should always be licensed at the very least, if not insured and bonded. Without these types of protections in place, any damage a cleaner causes will fall upon your shoulders! If a solution discolors the upholstery and the cleaning company is not insured, you are pretty much out of luck. While low prices may be attractive at first, make sure to always do your homework when it comes to hiring a cleaner unless you feel comfortable with taking the risks involved.

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